With the only systems in revenue service for over 5 years, Protran, in collaboration with several transit agencies, has developed a system to address one of the major types of bus accidents plaguing the industry: Buses colliding with pedestrians at crosswalks.






The Protran Blind Spot Awareness System is an additional feature available with the Safe Turn Alert (STA) System. Blind Spot Awareness provides an audible and visual warning to the bus driver when an object is detected in the blind spot area of the bus. The system indicates detection on either the right or left side of the vehicle, alerting the driver via an LED indicating light on the dash board of the bus.



  • Outside warning announcement
  • Audible and visual alerts to the operator during detection of objects in blind spot area
  • Data logging
  • GPS
  • LCD display with joystick style menu and select controls
  • Volume automatically adjusts based on outside ambient noise
  • Multiple recordable messages
  • Flashing LED option