With the only systems in revenue service for over 5 years, Protran, in collaboration with several transit agencies, has developed a system to address one of the major types of bus accidents plaguing the industry: Buses colliding with pedestrians at crosswalks.






The Protran Safe Turn Alert (STA) System is a standalone, passive warning system designed to play an audible warning message external and/or internal to the vehicle when the vehicle is making a right or left hand turn. The system also has the option for flashing LED strobe lights that act as a visual warning to pedestrians as the vehicle is turning. There are two options for triggering the STA system; proximity sensors mounted near the pitman arm or the system can be triggered with the vehicle’s blinker.



  • Outside warning announcement
  • Inside reminder announcement
  • Data logging
  • GPS
  • LCD display with joystick style menu and select controls
  • Volume automatically adjusts based on outside ambient noise
  • Multiple recordable messages
  • Flashing LED option