Protran Technology’s GrindManage system is an offline rail profile grinding management tool used to optimize rail grinding maintenance techniques that extend rail life and reduce rail maintenance costs. GrindManage provides the grinding operations manager with the ability to effectively plan and define a grinding program, monitor grinding effectiveness, and adjust the grinding program to meet the specific railway’s needs.


  • Monitors effectiveness offline, in the office
  • Quantifies rail conformity for each segment
  • Determines future grinding requirements for each segment
  • Aids in monitoring grinding cycles
  • Prioritizes rail grinding activities


  • Offline profile grinding analysis and quality control system
  • Easy-to-Use Windows™ Application
  • Updatable collection of rail templates
  • Updatable collection of rail grinding patterns
  • Calculates Grinding Quality Index (GQI) to compare rail profile conformity over multiple measurements
  • Optional dynamic pattern generation for creation of custom grinding patterns which explicitly target the current condition of the rails