The Callisto Track Geometry System Suite is an economic solution that provides reliable, precise, and accurate inertial based track geometry data for use with tampers.



Callisto track geometry measurement systems incorporate an inertial measurement unit (IMU), a laser/camera based gage reference system, and GPS within a rugged, compact package to accurately locate and measure the geometry of the track. Typical geometry channels are recorded based on the application and can include: gauge, alignment, curvature, surface, cross-level, super-elevation, warp and twist. For inspection applications, track geometry channels are processed to produce exceptions in real-time.


Callisto: Absolute provides railways requiring precise location of the track, a mechanism for integrating survey instruments to the tamper for automate operation. Once the operator imports the formatted geometry data, the software then instructs the tamper utilizing the closely mounted projector buggy (Zero Buggy Kit) and the imported geometry data to make needed track adjustments.





  • Enables tamper operation in combination with pre-measurement system
  • Software pre-plans each required tamping pass
  • Zero Buggy Kit brings the projector buggy close to the tamper
  • Allows for accurate absolute track geometry adjustments
  • Software constrains (fixed points) and ramping



  • Eliminates manual data entry
  • Improves data accuracy
  • Automate tamping to absolute track position