Protran Technology’s SmartGrind is an analysis package which recommends grinding patterns in real-time to a grinding operator/machine for segments of rail based on a rail template.  The easy to use software system interfaces with optical rail profile measurement systems present on grinding machines or other track bound vehicles. On-board a grinder, two systems can be used as input; a pre-grind and post-grind system. SmartGrind provides railway personnel with grinding requirements, current grinding production, and a rating of their rail (via grind quality index (GQI) both before and after grinding.


  • Optimized rail grinding with maximized rail life
  • Monitors effectiveness in real time
  • Determines next pass requirements
  • Provides production reports for segments (curves, tangents)


  • Interfaces with rail profile measurement system
  • Calculates Grinding Quality Index (GQI) to compare rail profile conformity over multiple measurements
  • Evaluates grinding requirements (number of passes, patterns, speed)
  • Updatable collection of desired rail templates and grinding patterns (metal removal)
  • Optional interface with corrugation detection system for on the fly grind mode decisions (grinding for profile or for corrugation removal)
  • Optional dynamic pattern generation for real-time creation of custom grinding patterns which explicitly target the current condition of the rails